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About Us

A new name but our service remains the same...

Wairarapa Environmental was formed in 2012. Comprising successful local family businesses: Wairarapa Wheely Bins, Browns Bins, Tidy Bins and Earthcare Environmental, the new company is intent on building on the existing services, introducing a stronger environmental focus, and delivering more cost effective waste management solutions for current and new customers.

One of our principle aims is to get waste out of our landfills and into the recycling process. It is now a known fact that organic waste dumped in landfills is a major producer of methane gas, one of the leading contributors to global warming. Organic waste, treated correctly, can be turned into valuable compost without producing methane gas. There is a worldwide trend to get green waste out of landfills: our aim is to provide our customers with practical ways to achieve that in our community.

Despite the name change, many things that you may be used to as a customer of Wairarapa Wheely Bins, Brown Bins or Tidy Bins, will remain the same. You can still expect friendly, personalised service from a small group of local people dedicated to maintaining and improving our local community.